Changing a delivery in 2017, with UPS

I recently ordered one of those hipster mattresses, the layered foam mattresses. My partner and I stayed in an AirBnB recently that had one, and we found the reduction in motion-transfer over our current springs to be well worth the cost, and it's a free trial anyway, so a few clicks later and I have the mattress ordered.

I'm working from home all next week except for Monday, so naturally the scheduled delivery time fell on the Monday. The parcel is being delivered by UPS, and I know if they can't make the delivery, they'll leave it at a collection point a few streets away. Normally this is no hassle, but for a 34kg mattress (75 lbs), I'd really rather not heft it home myself, so I decide to try and change the delivery.

I grab the tracking number and head to UPS, who show me this:

Looks good! I just sign up for UPS My Choice® and I'm away! I click 'Change Delivery', and I'm shown this modal:

I finally find the button I need to press (Enroll now) and click it...

Ok... So a bit of Googling later, I find the UPS My Choice® Sign up page myself, and get going.


Ugh! Why?

Oh please. It's worth pointing out that this is a reasonably 'new' Angular app, created in the last few years. Maybe it's backing onto an older system, but this sort of thing is pretty inexcusable, and has been for quite a while now. But then I try and generate a password with LastPass (I recorded this after my initial attempt, hence it shows a stored password).

Oh come on. So I generate a password from the dropdown and paste is disabled. PASTE IS DISABLED. I try deleting the ng-paste="preventDefault()" attribute, no luck. In the end I use the console to set the value - it's quicker than copying out a 26-character random password. I have a very unpleasant taste in my mouth at this point.

Anyway, I've managed to create an account, yay!

Next it takes my address, all the usual steps. Then I get to a rather confusing page.

Did I sign up for a UPS account but not My Choice®? Clicking Sign up takes me through the address entry form again - not prepopulated, but it errors out unhelpfully when I try and submit with the same address. I give up and go back to the tracking page, and click 'Change Delivery'.

Oh. I was careful when signing up to enter my information exactly as it was on the order confirmation that I'd got from, but maybe I made a mistake. The navigation path "Tracking > UPS My Choice > My Settings" doesn't exist in any way at all, but in the end I find the Update Addresses section in settings. I'm guessing the one I want to edit is 'My Choice'?

I enter in some 'alternative names' - it seems to match only on an exact match for first name, so I'll put in anything that might have put in that field.

God damn it. This kept happening. Clicking try again takes you back to the 'root' of the settings page, and you have to navigate back to where you were and reenter the information.

Finally! Let's try again...

I'm beginning to get a little bit annoyed at this stage. What on earth could be wrong with my information. The popup just doesn't give any hint as to exactly what might be wrong. Maybe this is a security precaution?

I notice that there's this bar at the top of the screen:

I wonder what this does? It also has the same bug where clicking it does nothing at all, so I leave that for now. I've verified my email address.

I try reaching out to UPS support and support, but both are closed over the weekend, so no joy there. The delivery is scheduled for Monday so I think I might be out of options.

After a few more vain attempts to try and figure out a way forward, I update my first line of address to be all the lines of my address (maybe that's what's gone wrong?), and then, Eureka!

Just to be clear, I'm not mad that I have to verify my address - it's a sensible step - but I rather feel this dialogue could have shown up earlier, or at all.

Techincal problems aside, I wonder if anybody from UPS has ever tried to use their own system. It's not just badly designed, at so many stages it feels hostile to the user.

Luckily I've got one of those IKEA trolley things...